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General Offerings

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  1. General Conference

    General Conference

    Purpose Code: 00383PxGenConf
  2. Global Assembly

    Global Assembly

    Purpose Code: D0390A
  3. Global Outreach Offering

    Global Outreach Offering

    Purpose Code: D0110A
  4. King House

    King House

    Purpose Code: 00005Px
  5. Operation Teaching Tools

    Operation Teaching Tools

    Purpose Code: 10074POprTchTools
  6. Project Aloha

    Project Aloha

    Purpose Code: 02205Px
  7. The IPHC Heritage Society

    The IPHC Heritage Society

    Purpose Code: 01019PxHeritageSoc
  8. Vision Partnership for Women

    Vision Partnership for Women

    Purpose Code: U2510A
  9. YQ Project Offering

    YQ Project Offering

    Purpose Code: 02019P

9 Item(s)

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