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  1.  Malawi: Thavite Prayer House

    Malawi: Thavite Prayer House

    Purpose Code: 11639P
  2. Abraham, Sabu Support Account

    Abraham, Sabu Support Account

    Purpose Code: 70131SxAbrahamS
    Sabu Abraham Support Account
  3. ACTS Bible College

    ACTS Bible College

    Purpose Code: 73013PxMyanmarBiblSc
  4. Advance School of Ministry - Africa

    Advance School of Ministry - Africa

    Purpose Code: 98021PxAfricaAdvEd
  5. Africa National - Marianne Coetzee

    Africa National - Marianne Coetzee

    Purpose Code: 11399P
  6. Akerman, Gary Special Gift

    Akerman, Gary Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 63051SgAkermanG
  7. Argo, Al Special Gift

    Argo, Al Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 28061SgArgoA
  8. Arthur, David Special Gift

    Arthur, David Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 33251SgArhturD
  9. Asia Pacific Pioneer Ministry

    Asia Pacific Pioneer Ministry

    Purpose Code: 20030P
  10. Awakening – On My Way

    Awakening – On My Way

    Purpose Code: 91403P
  11. Azerbaijan Church Plants

    Azerbaijan Church Plants

    Purpose Code: 47500PxAzerbaijanChurchPlants
  12. Bamba, Hiro Special Gift

    Bamba, Hiro Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 71201SgBambaH
  13. Bangladesh Nepal Team

    Bangladesh Nepal Team

    Purpose Code: 90810P
  14. Barnabas, National Worker Support Account

    Barnabas, National Worker Support Account

    Purpose Code: 18301PxPenangWker
  15. Barroso, Max Special Gift

    Barroso, Max Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 90371SgBarrosoM
  16. Barton, Douglas Special Gift

    Barton, Douglas Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 24051SgBartonD
  17. Belize Campground

    Belize Campground

    Purpose Code: #69503P
  18. Berry, Linwood Special Gift

    Berry, Linwood Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 32041SgBerryL
  19. Bicycles for India

    Bicycles for India

    Purpose Code: 25008P
  20. Board, Russell Special Gift

    Board, Russell Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 71051SgBoardR
  21. Bore Wells Project in South India

    Bore Wells Project in South India

    Purpose Code: 25506P
  22. Boyd, Rose Special Gift

    Boyd, Rose Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 10071SgBoydR
  23. Brandon Becker - DCPI

    Brandon Becker - DCPI

    Purpose Code: 03107PxBBeckerDCPI
  24. Carey, Terence Special Gift

    Carey, Terence Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 11418SgCareyT
  25. Cave, Bob Special Gift

    Cave, Bob Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 50041SgCaveR
  26. Center for International Christian Ministries

    Center for International Christian Ministries

    Purpose Code: 30012PxCicmModPrg
  27. Chaplains Ministries

    Chaplains Ministries

    Purpose Code: D3110A
  28. Chau, Iris Special Gift

    Chau, Iris Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 115255ScChauI
  29. Chris Orvin Endowment Fund

    Chris Orvin Endowment Fund

    Purpose Code: 09031PxChrisOrvinEnd
  30. Christian Heritage Church Outreach

    Christian Heritage Church Outreach

    Purpose Code: 03025PChristianHeritageChurchOutreach
  31. Christian Hope for Ukraine

    Christian Hope for Ukraine

    Purpose Code: 41005PxUkraine
  32. Christmas Spirit

    Christmas Spirit

    Purpose Code: 09033psChristmasSprt
    The Christmas Spirit Campaign raises funds to provide over 5000 children in the People to People sponsorship program with a Christmas party, a special gift and an opportunity to hear the story of Christ's birth. People to People believes that sharing Christ, the most extraordinary gift, is the greatest act of love we can offer during the Christmas season.
  33. Church Planting Seminars

    Church Planting Seminars

    Purpose Code: 25012PxIndiTrnChrPlt
  34. Clowers, Dan Special Gift

    Clowers, Dan Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 52041SgClowersD
  35. Clowers, Darrel Special Gift

    Clowers, Darrel Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 66041SgClowersD
  36. Coffeehouse Ministries

    Coffeehouse Ministries

    Purpose Code: 98024PCoffHouseMin
  37. Coffey, Jeff & Smitha Support Account

    Coffey, Jeff & Smitha Support Account

    Purpose Code: 90328S
  38. Colombia- Cali City

    Colombia- Cali City

    Purpose Code: 59506P
  39. Colombia- El Parnazo

    Colombia- El Parnazo

    Purpose Code: 59505P
  40. Colombia- Sendade Libertad

    Colombia- Sendade Libertad

    Purpose Code: 59507P
  41. Conferencia de Lideres Hispanoamericana

    Conferencia de Lideres Hispanoamericana

    Purpose Code: 91496PxLamcarQuest
  42. Cook, Jonathan Special Gift

    Cook, Jonathan Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 66051SgCookJ
  43. Costa Rica Campground Kitchen

    Costa Rica Campground Kitchen

    Purpose Code: 52008P
  44. Costa Rica- Heredia

    Costa Rica- Heredia

    Purpose Code: 52573P
  45. Crook, Debra Special Gift

    Crook, Debra Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 24121SgCrookD
  46. Cuba Angola Fund

    Cuba Angola Fund

    Purpose Code: #56506
  47. Cuba Bikes & Mattresses

    Cuba Bikes & Mattresses

    Purpose Code: 56008P
  48. Cuba Church Plant

    Cuba Church Plant

    Purpose Code: #56000P
  49. Cuba Dormitory

    Cuba Dormitory

    Purpose Code: #56002P
  50. Dayana and Medical Treatments

    Dayana and Medical Treatments

    Purpose Code: 63303P
  51. DCPI


    Purpose Code: 03113PxDCPIGen Fund
  52. Delmon, Marty Special Gift

    Delmon, Marty Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 31051SgDelmonM
  53. Delport, Joe Special Gift

    Delport, Joe Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 1169SgDelportJ
  54. Dhaka Ministry Center

    Dhaka Ministry Center

    Purpose Code: 75500PxBangladNatHQ
  55. Photo: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Department of Commerce; NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory

    Disaster Relief PTP

    Purpose Code: 09055DsERRelief
  56. Disaster Relief USA

    Disaster Relief USA

    Purpose Code: 02261PxDisasterRelUS
  57. Discipleship Beyond

    Discipleship Beyond

    Purpose Code: 32501PxDiscBeyond
  58. Dunning Ministry Project Account

    Dunning Ministry Project Account

    Purpose Code: 11521M
  59. Dunning, James Special Gift

    Dunning, James Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 11521SgDunningJ
  60. East Africa Bible College

    East Africa Bible College

    Purpose Code: 11509PxEldoretTrnCtr
  61. East Africa Bible College Building Fund

    East Africa Bible College Building Fund

    Purpose Code: 11508PxEatcCons
  62. East Africa Bible College Faculty Support

    East Africa Bible College Faculty Support

    Purpose Code: 11511PsEabtcTchSup
  63. East Africa Bible College Scholarships

    East Africa Bible College Scholarships

    Purpose Code: 11565PxOprTimEldore
  64. East Africa Girls' Ministries

    East Africa Girls' Ministries

    Purpose Code: 11501P
  65. East Africa Roofs

    East Africa Roofs

    Purpose Code: 11517P
  66. Eastern European Church Plants

    Eastern European Church Plants

    Purpose Code: 41002P
  67. Ecuador Achuar Tribe Location Sponsorship

    Ecuador Achuar Tribe Location Sponsorship

    Purpose Code: 09250CsEcuJungle
  68. Emmanuel Bible College

    Emmanuel Bible College

    Purpose Code: 54004PxEmmanuelBSch
  69. Ethiopia Child Sponsorship

    Ethiopia Child Sponsorship

    Purpose Code: 09057CsEthiopia
  70. EuroQuest


    Purpose Code: 29004PxEuroQuest
  71. EZRA International

    EZRA International

    Purpose Code: 98031PxEzraIntl
  72. Falcon Children's Home Harvest Train

    Falcon Children's Home Harvest Train

    Purpose Code: 02155PxFalconHrvtTrn
  73. Fannin, Linda Special Gift

    Fannin, Linda Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 11644SgFanninD
  74. Free Camp

    Free Camp

    Purpose Code: 03102PxM25FreeCamp
  75. General Conference

    General Conference

    Purpose Code: 00383PxGenConf
  76. Global Outreach Offering

    Global Outreach Offering

    Purpose Code: D0110A
  77. Gonzales, Albert Special Gift

    Gonzales, Albert Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 20201SgGonzalesA
  78. Guatemala Flores Costacuca

    Guatemala Flores Costacuca

    Purpose Code: 62011P
  79. Guatemala La Democracia

    Guatemala La Democracia

    Purpose Code: 62519PxGuatLaDemoc
  80. Guatemala Los Chatos

    Guatemala Los Chatos

    Purpose Code: 62012P
  81. Guy Reed Memorial Fund

    Guy Reed Memorial Fund

    Purpose Code: 41505PxVolitsya
  82. Guyana Repairs

    Guyana Repairs

    Purpose Code: #68506P
  83. Guyana Timehri Building

    Guyana Timehri Building

    Purpose Code: #68504P
  84. Haiti Dormitory

    Haiti Dormitory

    Purpose Code: #53005P
  85. Haiti Special Needs Class

    Haiti Special Needs Class

    Purpose Code: #53008P
  86. Haiti St. Marc Repair

    Haiti St. Marc Repair

    Purpose Code: #53503P
  87. Hancock, Gene Special Gift

    Hancock, Gene Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 69021SgHancockG
  88. Hector Andrade - St. Paul, MN

    Hector Andrade - St. Paul, MN

    Purpose Code: 03097PxHAndrade
  89. Helland, Aaron Special Gift

    Helland, Aaron Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 87021SgHellandA
  90. Helland, Matt Special Gift

    Helland, Matt Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 35021SgHellandM
  91. Honaker, Richard Special Gift

    Honaker, Richard Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 11141SgHonakerR
  92. Honduras Feeding Program Building

    Honduras Feeding Program Building

    Purpose Code: 63504PxTegucigalpa
  93. Honduras Subriana Church Construction

    Honduras Subriana Church Construction

    Purpose Code: 63515P
  94. Hope4Sudan


    Purpose Code: 91600PxH4S
  95. Hope4Sudan Construction

    Hope4Sudan Construction

    Purpose Code: 91602PxH4SConst
  96. Hope4Sudan Medical

    Hope4Sudan Medical

    Purpose Code: 91601PxH4SMed
  97. Hope4Sudan Mission Encounter

    Hope4Sudan Mission Encounter

    Purpose Code: 91604PxH4SMisEn
  98. Hope4Sudan National Workers

    Hope4Sudan National Workers

    Purpose Code: 91605PxNatWker
  99. Hope4Sudan Special Projects

    Hope4Sudan Special Projects

    Purpose Code: 91603PxH4SSpec
  100. Howard, Hobert Special Gift

    Howard, Hobert Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 23031SgHowardH
  101. Hoyle, Hugh Special Gift

    Hoyle, Hugh Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 86031SgHoyleH
  102. Huruma Children's Home

    Huruma Children's Home

    Purpose Code: 11576PxEldoHarCldCtr
  103. India School of Church Planters

    India School of Church Planters

    Purpose Code: 25028PxSIndiaChrPlt
  104. India TEAMs

    India TEAMs

    Purpose Code: 90820P
  105. Indochina Missions Training Center

    Indochina Missions Training Center

    Purpose Code: 74015PxIndochMissTrn
    The Indochina Missions Training Center project account
  106. Indonesia Team

    Indonesia Team

    Purpose Code: 90818P
  107. Israel Project: Jewish Immigrants

    Israel Project: Jewish Immigrants

    Purpose Code: 26003P
  108. Jamaica Construction

    Jamaica Construction

    Purpose Code: #60002P
  109. Jamaica School Supplies

    Jamaica School Supplies

    Purpose Code: #60013P
  110. Janssen, Ben Special Gift

    Janssen, Ben Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 42041SgJanssenB
  111. Jessica Carter - Support

    Jessica Carter - Support

    Purpose Code: 03135P
  112. Joan's Haven Project in South India

    Joan's Haven Project in South India

    Purpose Code: 25505P
  113. Johnson, Roger Special Gift

    Johnson, Roger Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 53061SgJohnsonR
  114. Kapistorya Coffeehouse in Cebu

    Kapistorya Coffeehouse in Cebu

    Purpose Code: 24016P
  115. Kapoeta Location Sponsorship

    Kapoeta Location Sponsorship

    Purpose Code: 09263CsKapoeta
  116. Karachi Ministry Center

    Karachi Ministry Center

    Purpose Code: 17500PxKarachi
  117. Kathmandu Ministry Center

    Kathmandu Ministry Center

    Purpose Code: 20006PxNepalBlg
  118. Kilosa Church Project

    Kilosa Church Project

    Purpose Code: 12505P
  119. Kimamba Church Project

    Kimamba Church Project

    Purpose Code: 12504P
  120. King House

    King House

    Purpose Code: 00005Px
  121. King, Ben Special Gift

    King, Ben Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 31061SgKingB
  122. Know Malaria

    Know Malaria

    Purpose Code: 09291NsMalariaAware
  123. Krisztina Church Plant

    Krisztina Church Plant

    Purpose Code: 39013PxBudapesMinCtr
  124. Lamanilao, Samuel Support Account

    Lamanilao, Samuel Support Account

    Purpose Code: 24301S
  125. LCMA - Uganda

    LCMA - Uganda

    Purpose Code: 11619P
  126. Les Roches Child Sponsorship

    Les Roches Child Sponsorship

    Purpose Code: 09082CsHaitiLesRoche
  127. LifeChurch Cebu Coffeehouse

    LifeChurch Cebu Coffeehouse

    Purpose Code: 24019P
  128. List, Gailya Special Gift

    List, Gailya Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 11520SgListP
  129. Living Israel Coffeehouse

    Living Israel Coffeehouse

    Purpose Code: 26014P
  130. Lopez, Maxine Special Gift

    Lopez, Maxine Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 53041SgLopezM
  131. M25 - Diaper Run

    M25 - Diaper Run

    Purpose Code: 03109PM25DiaperRun
  132. Malawi Child Evangelism

    Malawi Child Evangelism

    Purpose Code: 10004P
  133. Malawi-Balaka Location Sponsorship

    Malawi-Balaka Location Sponsorship

    Purpose Code: 09315LsMalawiBalaka
  134. Malawi-Blantyre Location Sponsorship

    Malawi-Blantyre Location Sponsorship

    Purpose Code: 09313LsMalawiBlantyr
  135. Malawi-Kawale Location Sponsorship

    Malawi-Kawale Location Sponsorship

    Purpose Code: 09311LsMalawiKawale
  136. /

    Malawi-Mzuzu Location Sponsorship

    Purpose Code: 09317LsMalawiMzuzu
  137. Malindi Women's Outreach

    Malindi Women's Outreach

    Purpose Code: 11502PxMalindiOutrch
  138. Maputo, Mozambique Church

    Maputo, Mozambique Church

    Purpose Code: 16501PxMaputoChr
  139. Masvingo Church, Zimbabwe

    Masvingo Church, Zimbabwe

    Purpose Code: 11696P
  140. McClung, Mark Special Gift

    McClung, Mark Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 34051SgMcClungM
  141. McRae, Michael Special Gift

    McRae, Michael Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 11423SgMcRaeM
  142. Mercy Came Running

    Mercy Came Running

    Purpose Code: 03139Px
  143. Mercy Movement

    Mercy Movement

    Purpose Code: 03093PxMercyMovement
  144. Metro World Child

    Metro World Child

    Purpose Code: 03083PxMetro WrldChil
  145. Mexico Berea Building Project

    Mexico Berea Building Project

    Purpose Code: 55503P
  146. Mexico Lupita Carmona

    Mexico Lupita Carmona

    Purpose Code: 55520P
  147. Meyer, Althea Special Gift

    Meyer, Althea Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 10101SgMeyerA
  148. Mick Snider, National Evangelist - Support

    Mick Snider, National Evangelist - Support

    Purpose Code: 03129Px
  149. Microbusinesses- Taxi Service


    Purpose Code: 09147PsMicrobusiness
  150. Mininger, Larry Special Gift

    Mininger, Larry Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 41041SgMiningerL
  151. Photo Credit: Amar Shrestha

    Ministry of Medicine

    Purpose Code: 09149NsMinMed
  152. Ministry Partners for Men

    Ministry Partners for Men

    Purpose Code: D2310A
  153. Mozambique - Manjacaze Church

    Mozambique - Manjacaze Church

    Purpose Code: 16502P
  154. Mrema, Kundael Special Gift

    Mrema, Kundael Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 12041SgMremaK
  155. Myanmar Church Plants

    Myanmar Church Plants

    Purpose Code: 73010P
  156. Myanmar Refugee Learning Centre

    Myanmar Refugee Learning Centre

    Purpose Code: 18500PxRefugeeSch
  157. Nakuru Orphanage

    Nakuru Orphanage

    Purpose Code: 09120CsNakuru
  158. National Missionary Ministry

    National Missionary Ministry

    Purpose Code: 98060PxNatMissSuppt
  159. Nepal Coffeehouse

    Nepal Coffeehouse

    Purpose Code: 20015P
  160. Nepal Family Support

    Nepal Family Support

    Purpose Code: 20010P
  161. Nepal Missionaries

    Nepal Missionaries

    Purpose Code: 20012P
  162. Nepal Village Church Planting

    Nepal Village Church Planting

    Purpose Code: 20007P
  163. Nepal Western Property

    Nepal Western Property

    Purpose Code: 23510P
  164. Nicaragua, Esteli Church Construction

    Nicaragua, Esteli Church Construction

    Purpose Code: 65512P
  165. Nicaragua, Isla Ometepe Construction

    Nicaragua, Isla Ometepe Construction

    Purpose Code: 65506P
  166. North India Benevolence

    North India Benevolence

    Purpose Code: 23390P
  167. North India Shed Churches

    North India Shed Churches

    Purpose Code: 23303PxVillShedChr
  168. North India Society

    North India Society

    Purpose Code: 23000P
  169. Northwest China Mission Support

    Northwest China Mission Support

    Purpose Code: 21313P
  170. Ocna Mures Church

    Ocna Mures Church

    Purpose Code: 42512PxOcnMuresGypsy
  171. Operation Teaching Tools

    Operation Teaching Tools

    Purpose Code: 10074POprTchTools
  172. Pac Realm District/Hawaii - G. Hood

    Pac Realm District/Hawaii - G. Hood

    Purpose Code: 03077PxHoodGMiss
  173. Pakistan Forward Movement

    Pakistan Forward Movement

    Purpose Code: 17100P
  174. Pakistan Literacy Center

    Pakistan Literacy Center

    Purpose Code: 17005P
  175. Pakistan Shine Star TV

    Pakistan Shine Star TV

    Purpose Code: 17004P
  176. Feed the Hungry

    People to People Feed the Hungry

    Purpose Code: 09061FsFeedHungry
  177. People to People Ministries

    People to People Ministries

    Purpose Code: D4210AxPTP
  178. Perez, Judith Special Gift

    Perez, Judith Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 54031SgPerezJ
  179. Peru- Lima Church

    Peru- Lima Church

    Purpose Code: 61500P
  180. Petty, Gary & Kathy Special Gift

    Petty, Gary & Kathy Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 57051SgPettyG
  181. Pitti, Daniel Special Gift

    Pitti, Daniel Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 63061SgPittiD
  182. Port Elizabeth Church and Conference Center

    Port Elizabeth Church and Conference Center

    Purpose Code: 11007PxPortElizabeth
  183. Presley, Harold Special Gift

    Presley, Harold Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 30741SgPresleyH
  184. Presley, Todd Special Gift

    Presley, Todd Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 30141SgPresleyT
  185. Project Aloha

    Project Aloha

    Purpose Code: 02205Px
  186. Pruitt, Rhonda Special Gift

    Pruitt, Rhonda Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 39201SgPruittR
  187. Refugee Recovery PTP

    Refugee Recovery PTP

    Purpose Code: 09233PsRefugeeRec
    People to People partners with IPHC national missionaries, leaders and churches to assist those who have been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution or natural disaster.
  188. Robertson, Gary Special Gift

    Robertson, Gary Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 26061SgRobertsonG
  189. Robles Church Construction

    Robles Church Construction

    Purpose Code: 54015PxLopez
  190. Romania Pastor's House

    Romania Pastor's House

    Purpose Code: 42401PxRoPastorHouse
  191. Roslin Balla

    Roslin Balla

    Purpose Code: 40002P
  192. Roy, Ron Special Gift

    Roy, Ron Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 55061SgRoyR
  193. Run for the Wall

    Run for the Wall

    Purpose Code: 03101PxRunfortheWall
  194. Salazar, Mauricio Special Gift

    Salazar, Mauricio Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 37031SgSalazarM
  195. Salley, Tim Special Gift

    Salley, Tim Special Gift

    Purpose Code: 11457SgSalleyT
  196. Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Ministry Budget

    Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Ministry Budget

    Purpose Code: #66041S
  197. Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Septic Tank, Security Wall, & Multipurpose Building
  198. Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Water Well

    Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Water Well

    Purpose Code: #67010P
  199. Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Youth Camp & School Supplies

    Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Youth Camp & School Supplies

    Purpose Code: #67000P
  200. School of Ministry - The Asian Circle

    School of Ministry - The Asian Circle

    Purpose Code: 27013PxIndoneBiblSch

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